Mary Engel & Faith River Communications

Strong Copy Builds Brands started as a blog about copywriting, branding, marketing, advertising and activities that would sell, sell, sell -- and it worked!

In the last few years, though, I have come to focus more on creativity and ideas -- the things that feed the soul. Over the years I knew that my writing, over 20 years of it dedicated to advertising and marketing, was very effective. I was lucky enough to work with some giant brands and mega budgets, and I served all of them well.

Today, while I remain a proud and talented hack, I keep coming back to the things that evolve a society and its people -- beautiful words, lovely art, soul-seismic music, crazy thoughts, shocking ideas, evolution of our hurt.

So yes, I still run this business:
Faith River Communications
located in Bozeman, Montana.

I can say my work has appeared in marketing communications, advertising, web site content, public relations, print collateral, corporate communications, packaging, point-of-purchase materials and corporate training materials.

I have proven that I have the ability to provide on-target, on-deadline copywriting service to anywhere, either virtually or in person,

Email Mary or visit Faith River Communications for more information.

Right now, I would like to talk to everyone who has good ideas and a beautiful vision. I invite you to correspond with me and suggest the Next Great Idea.