Solitaire Ranch

I was privileged to write about this ranch, now for sale in Bridger Canyon. This is my former neighbor on Jackson Creek Road, a family that really understood stewardship and made the most of Montana living. This family raised their children here, and sent them to school in Bozeman, while doing everything we would love a Montana family to do -- raising cattle, maintaining the forest, taking care of the land.  I myself can't imagine a better upbringing. 

These days, the family has moved their cattle ranching operations to New Zealand, and regretfully offered their ranch for sale.

It is a beautiful place, one that I feel incredibly stupid for trying to describe by saying "beautiful." I just... the thing is, I lived a few miles down the road from them, and never knew the whole property and its wild, incredible, lost beauty until I got to see all of it.  

But the rest of the ranch.

You should see! The rocks and the mountain walls and the ways the land rises and falls before you. You have to see for yourself. 

I wrote the ranch's website, but the property speaks for itself:




You call this winter?

I just took a photo from the back deck of Faith River Communications WORLD HEADQUARTERS LLC, and I was about to upload it when I realized it showed nothing but brown grass and a long, empty field leading to the Bridger Mountains, which are almost equally devoid of snow. Thought I'd hold back on depressing anyone further by posting it.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports that southwestern Montana is at 80 percent of normal snowpack currently, a figure that indicates someplace else must have more snow than Gallatin County. We've heard Red Lodge is doing OK. On the up side, local ski repair shops are doing well due to the above-average number of clients bringing in skis for rock damage and blowouts. 

All our friends are praying to the Snow Gods to forgive us for whatever nonsense happened last year, and let go that one thing with the beer cans and the flamethrower and the trespassing. OK? We're sorry. Let it snow, please.

The BeerHive State


The Beehive State isn't all bizzy-ness. Case in point: The Beerhive, with a menu of over 200 beers and an ice rail, a frosty track around the bar where you rest your beverage between sips to maintain the ideal cold temp. There's also a tiny sidewalk section (4 or 5 tables with a view of the Downtown Rising, that is, the incredibly ambitious reinvention of downtown Salt Lake City) where you can a) smoke! and b) order German delectables from the restaurant next door.

Now it's a peaceful oasis

Folks who know me know how long I have loved this song:

Bar & Grill as art

Shot this to look like a painting, today in Livingston, Montana.


What's behind this name? Big Dry Saddlery

Strolling through Lewistown, Montana yesterday I noticed this little business on Main Street. Closed, unfortch, or I would have gone in to ask about the name.


Boo hogs the remote

Boo stayed with us while my daughter and her husband were on their honeymoon last week. World Cup fever!


NextFit = Money magazine's top fitness pick for the new year!

Look what just landed at the top of Money magazine's list of must-have fitness gadgets for 2010:

The NextFit Keychain Trainer! It's like having a personal trainer at your beck and call 24/7, with none of the attitude or intimidation.  You can get more info and your own nifty Keychain Trainer at this link:  MyNextFit    or by calling 406-580-4487 (the phone call includes a free personal fitness consultation and customized tips on how to get started with the Keychain Trainer).

Want to read the issue and what all the hoopla is about? Pick up the mag at your newsstand or online via Money.

Because I really like this artwork


The Storm Warriors will be released in Hong Kong cinemas next month.I just enjoy the artwork.  See more at

She's back!


'Member when I revealed my secret source of all things kawaii? And then that secret source vanished, making it even more secret than ever before?

Now it's back and just as cute as ever. So take note, all you crazed Sanrio and San-X fans, here's the link that you must bookmark immediately! 

Go to for much cuteness.