You call this winter?

I just took a photo from the back deck of Faith River Communications WORLD HEADQUARTERS LLC, and I was about to upload it when I realized it showed nothing but brown grass and a long, empty field leading to the Bridger Mountains, which are almost equally devoid of snow. Thought I'd hold back on depressing anyone further by posting it.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports that southwestern Montana is at 80 percent of normal snowpack currently, a figure that indicates someplace else must have more snow than Gallatin County. We've heard Red Lodge is doing OK. On the up side, local ski repair shops are doing well due to the above-average number of clients bringing in skis for rock damage and blowouts. 

All our friends are praying to the Snow Gods to forgive us for whatever nonsense happened last year, and let go that one thing with the beer cans and the flamethrower and the trespassing. OK? We're sorry. Let it snow, please.