Solitaire Ranch

I was privileged to write about this ranch, now for sale in Bridger Canyon. This is my former neighbor on Jackson Creek Road, a family that really understood stewardship and made the most of Montana living. This family raised their children here, and sent them to school in Bozeman, while doing everything we would love a Montana family to do -- raising cattle, maintaining the forest, taking care of the land.  I myself can't imagine a better upbringing. 

These days, the family has moved their cattle ranching operations to New Zealand, and regretfully offered their ranch for sale.

It is a beautiful place, one that I feel incredibly stupid for trying to describe by saying "beautiful." I just... the thing is, I lived a few miles down the road from them, and never knew the whole property and its wild, incredible, lost beauty until I got to see all of it.  

But the rest of the ranch.

You should see! The rocks and the mountain walls and the ways the land rises and falls before you. You have to see for yourself. 

I wrote the ranch's website, but the property speaks for itself: