Vegans up in arms!

Be a man? Vegans and the health conscious take exception to this Burger King commercial that questions the manhood of those who don't accept the greasy carnivore challenge of fast food. Note the subtle anti-feminist charge, too. Wow, 3 birds with one stone:

640x480 version

Written By:Dave Simon On May 30, 2006 9:44 PM

I thought the commercial was funny the first time, poking fun at the "I am woman" song, etc.

The burger doesn't look good, to me, and I'm 100% carnivore. But I'm not a big fan of something bigger than my head as a burger.

Men are perpetually portrayed as grunting, sweaty, unsophisticated trained monkeys, too stupid to do anything like laundry or cooking for kids on our own. And this re-inforces that image even further.

And that damn song sticks in my head for hours every time I hear it. Effective? Not so much if it makes me want to throw tofu at the screen.

Bonus points, however, for the wanton distruction of a minivan. I smile when I see that.

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