Animal rescue at R Climbing X

All summer, we've had the joy of watching twin fawns grow up in the apple orchard -- they and their mom have become like pets, even frequently hanging with the horses and napping on the front lawn.

Last night, our delivery man from Bamboo Garden rushed to our door to say he'd spotted a trapped deer at the corner of our property. One of the twins was tangled in the neighbor's wire fence!

Bamboo Guy and I took turns holding the frantic, screaming fawn more or less still and trying to untangle its one leg from the crosshatch wire fence. Meanwhile sent my daughter to fetch a wire cutters. Bamboo Guy got the wire cut in several places, and little twin was free -- scratched a bit and sore, but able to run back to panicked mama and then disappear back into the trees along the creek.

So here's to the top-notch fast action, there, Bamboo Guy! Thank you.