Small towns that rule (including Bozeman, natch)

It's right there in the lead: "College towns are the best bargain in real estate." Probably so, and even better, look at the deal you're giving yourself, your family and your joy factor, not to mention the pricelessness of clean air.

The Big Picture spanks locals in Bozeman who get myopic about the troubles (yeah, we dislike change).

Here's a bit from Rich Karlgaard in his Forbes article:

* Bozeman, Mont. is home to Montana State University. Indeed, the presence of MSU is the reason Greg Gianforte picked Bozeman as a place to launch RightNow Technologies in 1997. Bozeman is awash with smart young people, just what any software startup needs. Gianforte rejected in-state rival, Missoula, home to the University of Montana. The entrepreneur had little use for U. of M.'s assembly line of lawyers and English majors. He had less use for the antibusiness attitude that often attaches to those disciplines. Gianforte's reasoning worked. Talent-rich RightNow went public last year and boasts a $90 million revenue run rate

Full article here: Live Rich in College Towns -