Squibnocket update

A while back, I wrote about the latest addition to the Engel-Carpenter Pet Asylum, a wonderful tuxedo cat I named Squibnocket.

Old Squib took a while getting with the routine here at Nutjob Petz Inc. The first time we let him outside, he disappeared for 5 weeks, not knowing that having a home means you can return there whenever you like. He returned emaciated but quickly put our three so-called dogs to shame by demonstrating world-class wolfing technique at the food bowl.

He's now picked up on the methods used by our other two cats: make a lazy loop from house to barn to creek, and then generally sit on the porch or the deck waiting for a door to open so you can bolt inside and head for the chow line.

To add to the confusion, Bex calls him 'Dex' -- a little something that has to do with Dad, I think. It's an 'in' thing.

Photos to come soon.