We're with you, Myles Bagley

The rest of the world may have the Oscars (and yes, my brain-smack wunderkind Ave and I adore the Jon Stewart), but here in our lovely hamlet of Bozeman, we were gathered last Sunday for something far more important: community spaghetti dinner at the Bistro for Myles Bagley!

A gorgeous crowd gathered for this event at Bozeman's Main Street staple, the Bistro (aka John Bozeman's Bistro), and thank goodness we were gorgeous because the camera kept on a-rollin' for the benefit of our Myles. Most folks in evidence had some connection to the Bozeman soccerrati via Myles' participation, Myles' charm and good looks.. and sure, Dad Al's coaching tenure.

"Run FASTER!" was our night's major gut-laugh because of the Al-Bagley-quote and smoke-visual provided by Ave Milhauser and her former soccer teammate, the lovely gal with the way-cute baby named Sidney. Myles stories were recounted by all.

At one poignant moment, Myles via cell phone made the rounds of all the tables, hearing everyone's jubilant shouts of YAY MYLES!! and HI MYLES! and YOU ROCK, MYLES!! We all would have loved the chance to say more, especially since you're the bravest guy we know and you're loved by so many -- but, as with all Oscar acceptance speeches, there was only a split second to try to say it.

Others in attendance were non-soccer but full-on Bagley family LOVE. Myles' circa junior-year friends, as non-pro wait staff, did a smashing job (only once literally) with serving and schmoozing.

Right now, a large portion of the Bozeman population is carrying around one of those polished river stones, and holding an even bigger prayer for Myles.

For Strongcopywriting readers who haven't heard: Myles suffered a severed spinal cord as a result of a snowboarding accident a few weeks ago. He's 17 years old. He is paralyzed from the waist down. With your love and contributions, we pray for the miraculous intervention that will give him the fullest possible recovery and the ability to reach our whole planet which is dearly in need of Myles' strength, peace, beauty and ideas.

Spaghetti today, miracle tomorrow. Hang in there, our beloved friend. So many good things can come, things we can't even imagine today.

For those who missed this wonderful event, there's a fund for Myles' substantial medical expenses set up at FIRST INTERSTATE BANK - MYLES BAGLEY MEDICAL FUND, 202 W. MAIN ST. BOZEMAN MT 59715. Please, please send any amount you can.