A dream of a place

Last night I dreamed of an amazing place, a sprawling sort of estate/castle. Overall, the complex was very long yet by comparison narrow; it was laid out in a series of interconnected grand structures made of cream-colored brick. There were manicured courtyards and tall iron fences around some parts that were off-limits to visitors, but other parts were open as inns. Part was a monastery. I was there with an old friend on a short and somewhat clandestine holiday or getaway.

Some of it looked like what I saw in Venice... Arabian or Moroccan influences. I'm trying to find a photo.

Is there such a place? I should try to draw it. And the person in the dream who was with me -- did you have the same dream, too? If so, do you remember what I bought in the little room down the stairs and past the cobbler's shop?