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Content into Conversions
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Five categories of perks you can offer to increase traffic of new and returning visitors.

Content - How To Make Them Buy At Your Web Site

Content is information of high value or entertainment to engage your visitor before you ask for their money. And benefit-rich content is what visitors to your site want. Content is what sets you above the crowd as an expert, and is your key to getting traffic to your Web site. Generally it falls into five categories:

1. Free "how-to" articles or reports pertinent to your clients

2. Topical information such as local news or updates on your particular industry

3. Downloadable software

4. Clips: video, photos, graphics or sound

5. Links to value-added sites

Include important announcements and materials of genuine use to the customers you want to attract. And of course, develop your content to include samples of what you do. Here are some examples:

- shipping rates for a packaging and shipping business

- seating charts of area theaters for a ticket agency

- an itinerary for a touring arts group, and articles about their art form

- an updated area snow report for a ski resort

- wine reviews for a wine shop

The list goes on. Content is available all over the Web, so you don't necessarily have to reinvent the wheel. Here are a few quick ways to fill your site with excellent content:

* Find it on other Web sites, and ask to borrow it in exchange for giving them credit

* Find it on newsgroups

* Announce on your site and in relevant newsgroups and forums that you are seeking particular content

* Make arrangements to exchange advertising other sites for including their content on your Web pages

By visiting your competition, you'll collect reams of great content ideas. You can easily find other Web sites from all over the world similiar to your own here:

If it's appropriate, establish links to those sites important to your business customers. Just be sure you aren't simply sending visitors away to the competition. Tell them to bookmark your site first. If you give them a reason to, such as making your site their "one-stop industry resource", they will.