Mother's Day offers a break from the mayhem

Whew! With a schedule so slammed I haven't updated my web site in weeks, it was a delight to spend Mother's Day far from the computer with my kids and some Helena friends in our fair capital city. Ah, Helena, where the trees are in beautiful full bloom while here in Bozeman the plant life is still giving us that squinty, alarm-clock look that says, "Spring? Already? 'K...just five more minutes."

Current Faith River Communications projects keeping me in bondage to Word are the stunning new Schnee's catalog hitting the mail in early June; stuff for the blog of the most excellent Andy at Eagle Harbor Insurance who has given me yet another excuse to head over to the PNW islands; print materials for fab client (and my neighbor a mile up the road) Healthcare Performance Solutions / Success Profiles; our pals at IntegraSeed; plus a whole lotta everything for my longest-term client Geoff and his latest ventures.

I thank my lucky stars every day for my amazing clients and my good fortune with this business. On Mother's Day, especially, I reflect on how it was my kids, and my desire to always be available to them, that really drove the success of Faith River Communications.

Cheers to all of us. And now, a little Mother's Day vid for all you moms out there: