Headed for the institution

...of marriage. As of this writing, we're just 18 days away from the Big Day. I'm thrilled to be marrying my best friend and ideal lover, the person I admire most in the world, and somehow, inexplicably, my counterpart. We have four teenage daughters between us, so you may hear about us next on the Jerry Springer Show, but for now -- spring break week 2005 -- we're chillaxin' at home with not just our kids but their friends, too. We've got half the freshman girls and most of the 6th grade over here tonight (and by the way, whatever you heard about young girls not eating, uh, that just isn't true, trust me). I'm never happier than I am with this great big ol' houseful of beautiful kids, all trying to tell the wildest story or shock with the biggest joke. They're smart, hilarious, articulate, opinionated about politics and society and culture, and for the moment, they still think their sappy parents are cute together. I tend to agree, we are a smashing couple. Here's a hip-hip-hooray for the blessed household that's anything BUT the Big EZ, and all about the Big EZ.

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