On the way to school

Soon, very sadly, my daily captive audience with my daughter will end.

That is, my 15 minutes in the car with her each morning and each afternoon are about to be replaced by her driver's license. This morning at 8, we got into the car as usual, but she was in the driver's seat. I still had the privilege of being in the actual vehicle with her, since for one more week at least, she is in Learner's Permit mode, meaning, I have to accompany her -- and may I just add that she is an excellent driver.

These aren't the only times we talk about boys and sex and fashion and cliques and big life changes and road trips and absurdity and memories and hopes and dreams and humor and money... but they were, until just now, guaranteed times.

Today, Bex asked me from the driver's seat what she oughta do about this one guy. Today, Bex asked me from the driver's seat if she'd handled a certain situation all right. Today, Bex asked me if I am having the same concerns and doubts that she is as we all go forward into our new adventure.

And from the passenger side, I said everything I have always said from the other side of the front seat, which is: I love you, you're doing great, thank you for trusting me, thank you for asking me, and yes... I worry sometimes, too. And we will handle anything that comes.

Then we changed places: she went into the school and I got behind the wheel and drove off alone.

So it goes.