Camper brand builds on the basics

What do shoes and hotels have in common, and how can one brand justify such seemingly disparate pursuits? Spanish shoe maker Camper busts out with a conceptual branding scheme that, after all, makes sense -- and keeps with their color-outside-the-lines approach.

Source: influx insights

Camper, the Spanish shoe company, is known for taking the non-traditional route with products and branding in general.

Last year, Camper extended its brand into restaurants with Foodball and a couple of weeks back Camper opened its first hotel. The strategy behind the brand moves is the desire to extend the brand into the provision of basic needs; food, shelter and clothing/footwear.

One thing linking the two new ventures is environmental concern. The new hotel features various energy saving devices and the restaurant prides itself in its organic ingredients and biodegradable packaging.

The restaurant design is by Marti Guixe, who's been responsible for most of Camper's packaging and store design.

Overall, Camper's brand seems to celebrate tradition with a modern twist; the desire to get to back to the simpler almost non-commercial pleasures like walking, simple, tasty un-processed food and hotels that feel like home.

Overall, this brand feels very real, authentic and rooted it's home, the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.