NextFit = Money magazine's top fitness pick for the new year!

Look what just landed at the top of Money magazine's list of must-have fitness gadgets for 2010:

The NextFit Keychain Trainer! It's like having a personal trainer at your beck and call 24/7, with none of the attitude or intimidation.  You can get more info and your own nifty Keychain Trainer at this link:  MyNextFit    or by calling 406-580-4487 (the phone call includes a free personal fitness consultation and customized tips on how to get started with the Keychain Trainer).

Want to read the issue and what all the hoopla is about? Pick up the mag at your newsstand or online via Money.

Deb Habernicht Gets Bozeman Moving!

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 Three cheers for my long-time client Deb Habernicht and her heroic 6-week fitness series that kicked off her new biz: NextFit.

This is the coolest thing I've seen in a very long time, a wonderful new way to get in/stay in shape that appeals to both my gadget-geek tendencies and my dual athlete/slug personality!

Long story short: there's now a giant database of fitness knowledge, music, celebrity trainers' secret techniques, encouragement, and years' worth of hands-on, proven fitness experience. NextFit lets you plug into that with your own stats, preferences and goals -- and the system custom mixes a new workout every day just for you! Your workout (complete with music, instruction, encouragement and even your own name spoken to you) downloads onto a nifty little gadget called the Keychain Trainer.

You press play and GO -- for almost any fitness category. Running, walking, weights, pilates, yoga, combo training, anything in the gym, prenatal fitness, you name it.

I'm so impressed with this new system that I'm using it , my daughter is using it , and I'm getting dear hubby into it, too.

So again, kudos to Deb and NextFit. The Get Bozeman Moving campaign continues, so stay tuned!



Robotics in the Rockies


Right here in Bozeman, there's a new program getting kids tapped into global-impact technologies: Robotic Explorer, founded by Debi Maloney, M.Ed.

Robotic Explorer shows kids how to build, program and control their robotic creations to carry out specific tasks in a number of engaging environments -- from the deep sea to the far reaches of the solar system. Robotics Explorer is a bridge where kids tap their inherent tech-genius to see the vast possibility of real world applications. And kids love it!

Want to productively fill a piece of your kids' summer with something fun and mind-expanding? Or just in town for a few days and need something cool for the kids to do? Check out the Current Schedule at Robotic Explorer Now

Get more info about this breakthrough learning opportunity at Robotic Explorer.





This is news?

I kinda suspected. Via MediaPost Publications:

No Coffee and Newspaper in the Morning For Working Mothers

Working mothers, according to The Media Audit, are spending less and less time with television and newspapers but, radio, the Internet and direct mail still command their attention.

According to Bob Jordan, president of International Demographics, producer of The Media Audit. "There are approximately 20 million working mothers in the 87 metropolitan markets we survey, and they have a newspaper index of 60 which is 40 points below the market average of 100. Television has an index of 81."

With working mothers,

Radio has an index of 113, only one point lower than it was five years ago
Internet is 111, 14 points higher than five years ago
Direct mail is 122, two points lower
The index numbers are for The Media Audit"s "heavy exposure" which is 300 minutes of television per day, 60 minutes a day with newspapers, 180 minutes per day with radio, and 430 minutes per week on the Internet. Heavy exposure to direct mail is defined as anyone who reads three-fourths or more of the direct mail they receive.

"Working mothers," says Jordan "is a distinctive segment of the market. The presence of children brings significant change in one's life, what they do with their money and the media to which they are exposed. Only 28 percent of the households in the 87 markets have two incomes. But, more than 60 percent of households with working mothers have two incomes."

Working mothers have more dogs, cats, minivans, vehicles, money and maturity:

With dogs they index at 122
cats at 114
minivans at 129
with weekly grocery expenditures of $150 or more, they index at 144.
35 percent of households with working mothers have three or more vehicles, an index of 121
41.7 percent have two or more vehicles, an index of 105.
19.6 percent of households with working mothers have incomes of $100,000 or more compared to 16.9 percent among all households
74.8 percent of working women are between the ages of 25 and 49, compared to just 49.4 percent in the same age bracket in the total adult population of the 87 markets
"The presence of children in the home," says Jordan "influences almost all expenditures from life insurance to fast food. This segment of the market is of enormous value and interest to a broad array of advertisers."

My chica Toni! And her lovely quilts.

People who love children's books just see things differently.

This world we were given is a beautiful, funny, amazing place. Celebrate it! Here's a little something from a Montana quilter who makes her love of the beautiful and fun into a business:

Toni's cool stuff
Or look here:

Toni Quilts