Deb Habernicht Gets Bozeman Moving!

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 Three cheers for my long-time client Deb Habernicht and her heroic 6-week fitness series that kicked off her new biz: NextFit.

This is the coolest thing I've seen in a very long time, a wonderful new way to get in/stay in shape that appeals to both my gadget-geek tendencies and my dual athlete/slug personality!

Long story short: there's now a giant database of fitness knowledge, music, celebrity trainers' secret techniques, encouragement, and years' worth of hands-on, proven fitness experience. NextFit lets you plug into that with your own stats, preferences and goals -- and the system custom mixes a new workout every day just for you! Your workout (complete with music, instruction, encouragement and even your own name spoken to you) downloads onto a nifty little gadget called the Keychain Trainer.

You press play and GO -- for almost any fitness category. Running, walking, weights, pilates, yoga, combo training, anything in the gym, prenatal fitness, you name it.

I'm so impressed with this new system that I'm using it , my daughter is using it , and I'm getting dear hubby into it, too.

So again, kudos to Deb and NextFit. The Get Bozeman Moving campaign continues, so stay tuned!