Rock on, chicas!

Finished out the school year with all 4 girls just shining:

Bex - 4.0 BABY! Perfect grades her dad would be so proud of! Lettered in debate for the 3rd year in a row after kicking it hard on the policy debate circuit over a grueling 5-month long season. Masonic Honoree, Girls' State, Debate team "MOM" for always taking care of teammates' food, hydration and clothing-perfection needs.

Tate - Youth Legislature, Montana Congressional intern, 'A' student in advanced placement, soccer babe (just back from tournament play in Denver and off to regionals in Las Vegas next week), nearly-fluent Spanish speaker headed to Argentina on a Rotary exchange this fall.

Jess -Superstar 'A' student with graduate honors in the grace and wisdom I can only hope to have half of someday, excellent runner with great promise in the 1600, 800 and high jump (and my personal anti-pile inspiration).

Sophia - Yet another 'A' student, soccer babe and super sparkle! Along with Jess, leaves middle school behind in tear-jerker 8th grade graduation ceremony.

APPLAUSE! We're so proud of you! Thank you all for being such beautiful, smart, funny and delightful people.

>>stay tuned: this means we have 4 kids in high school next year. My only regret is that we didn't turn on the reality TV cameras 2 years ago. xxxxooooo!